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Open Board Positions

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Role Descriptions

Internal Affairs Manager

The Internal Affairs Manager handles 
meeting logistics, website management, email oversight, and supports the President, stepping in as chairman when needed. They are crucial in event management, requiring quick thinking and effective problem-solving. This role offers a chance to enhance communication skills and collaborate with various groups. If you enjoy management roles and contributing to ISA's growth, this position is a perfect fit!

External Affairs Manager

The External Affairs Manager handles interactions between the association and external organizations, collaborating on events and networking to benefit ISA. As a key liaison, you'll work closely with association members, bridging their needs with external parties. If you enjoy meeting new people and want to enhance your networking skills, this position is ideal for you!


The President is the face of the 
association, overseeing its vision and goals alongside the board, making decisions, and demonstrating leadership, open-mindedness, and reliance on the board. They also play a crucial role in fostering community connections and managing day-to-day tasks such as board meetings and task accountability. If you enjoy making bold decisions and embracing responsibilities with a warm smile, this position is ideal for you!


The Treasurer manages finances and 
legal matters for ISA events and the association, collaborating with the President to align with the mission. They prioritize long-term viability, tracking expenses meticulously, ensuring legal compliance, and proposing event budgets. Effective collaboration is essential. If you thrive on challenges, making rational decisions and meaningful impacts, this role suits you!

 Social Media Manager

The Social Media & Promotions 
Manager oversees the association's 
online presence, managing platforms and promoting events through various means. They ensure active engagement and track insights, creatively showcasing the association's work. If you're keen on exploring your creative side, making meaningful connections, and promoting the 
association, this position is ideal for you!

What's in it for you?

We highly recommend becoming a board member if you wish to serve the South Asian community in Eindhoven! You can organize numerous cultural, educational, and recreational events to foster strong relationships with the community.

Board Eligibility

You must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible for board:

1) You are either a student or are pursuing your PhD. 

2) You are of Indian origin.

Application Form

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