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Our Mission

Indian Students' Association (ISA) Eindhoven is committed to promoting and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India. Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals to immerse themselves in various aspects of Indian culture, as well as provide support to Indians in and around Eindhoven.


In 2020, a group of Indian students came together to form "Diwali Eindhoven", which hosted two of our main festivals - Diwali & Holi. ​
Later that year, the Indian Students' Association was founded when the team decided to turn their shared interests into an official student organization. The ISA is now on its 4th board as we continue to serve the Indian community in Eindhoven and beyond.


We organize various events throughout the year, which include cultural showcases, movie nights and workshops, to name a few. Additionally, we collaborate with other organizations to host a diverse range of events that celebrate South Asian cultures and traditions.

Another key function of ISA Eindhoven is to provide assistance to members of the Indian community in Eindhoven. We are committed to helping our members navigate life in a new country, whether that means connecting them with local resources or providing guidance on important issues like healthcare and education.

We also work hard to create partnerships and collaborations with other organizations in the area, with the goal of facilitating even more opportunities for our community to thrive.


Joining the ISA community as a member is absolutely free and has countless benefits. Our members enjoy early access and exclusive discounts to our events, and gain access to our curated gallery of special moments from past events. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to join our community WhatsApp channels. Become a member by signing up on our website today!

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