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Event Policy


  • The Event Policy outlines guidelines and expectations for organizing and participating in events hosted or sponsored by the Indian Students' Association, Eindhoven (the Association).

  • It aims to ensure safety, enjoyment, and inclusivity while upholding the Association's values.


  • Events should align with the Association's objectives and cater to members' interests.

  • Organizers must comply with laws, regulations, and venue policies.

  • Safety measures, including risk assessments, are mandatory.

Participation and Conduct:

  • Attendees must behave respectfully and responsibly.

  • Discriminatory, offensive, or disruptive behavior will result in removal.

  • Alcohol consumption, if allowed, must be responsible and legal.

Registration and Attendance:

  • Members may need to register in advance.

  • Timely attendance is expected; failure may affect future registration.

Event Promotion and Communication:

  • Promotion should be ethical and accurate.

  • Communication regarding event details or changes must be clear and timely.

Intellectual Property and Content:

  • Content shared during events must comply with copyright laws.

  • Proper attribution is required.

Feedback and Evaluation:

  • Feedback is encouraged for improvement.

  • Post-event evaluations are conducted.

Compliance and Enforcement:

  • Violations may lead to disciplinary action, including membership consequences.

  • Organizers and Association representatives enforce the policy.

Amendments and Review:

  • The policy may be amended as needed, with updates communicated to members.

Acknowledgment: By participating in Association events, you agree that this list is non-exhaustive and you abide by this Event Policy.

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